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Jonah Lomu didn’t hesitate when naming his toughest ever rugby opponent

1. Emile Ntamack (France)

Former French rugby union winger, Emile Ntamack, showcased electrifying speed and agility on the field.

A key member of the French national team in the late 1990s, he played a crucial role in their success, including the 1999 Rugby World Cup.

JONAH LOMU SAID: “He’s my toughest opponent for sure,”

“When your taught to defend against someone you’re told to watch his hips because it’s the one place on the body when you’re running that stays in one place,

“The problem with Émile was his whole body shifted, including his hips, meaning when he ran he swayed from side to side so I was always like what the hell am I going to do here. He was also really fleet-footed.”

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