LIST | 5 bizarre, brilliant and hilarious Joe Marler stories

4. Embarrassing Jonny May…again

This isn’t necessarily a negative story about the speedster, but having the fact you take part in WWE like wrestling in your underpants published to the masses probably isn’t ideal

Marler tells a wonderful story in his autobiography of how their epic one-on-one match from behind closed doors was discovered by 2003 World Cup winner and then England coach Mike Catt in 2013.

This resulted in the pair having to wrestle in front of their teammates with May coming out on top after Marler was forced to start on his knees due to his weight advantage.

Marler went onto say: “It was always Jonny who usually tapped out. He was incredibly fit and strong and his wrestling skills were awesome, but being the much chunkier bloke I beat im every time.”


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