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Martin ‘Chariot’s’ Offiah’s speedster son set to sign with Premiership club

  1. Seb Atkinson (Gloucester):

The 21-year-old centre from Gloucester, has been making waves with his impressive performances in the midfield.

The versatile and dynamic player possesses a relentless work ethic, strong ball-carrying abilities, and a tenacious approach to defense.

Atkinson’s ability to adapt to different positions and his physical presence on the field make him a valuable asset for England. Borthwick should consider Atkinson as a player who can add depth and versatility to the backline

Seb Atkinson of Gloucester Rugby during the Gallagher Premiership Rugby Match between Bristol Bears and Gloucester Rugby at Ashton Gate, Bristol on the 6th May. PHOTO: Tom Sandberg/PPAUK