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Nigel Owens best quotes

7. “I’m straighter than that one…”

Another European Champions Cup match at the Stoop, a ‘quins line-out on the half way line goes terribly wrong for Dave Ward. The ball goes so far off-course that even his own team can’t get to it…. Owens’ turns to him and delivers the brilliant one-liner… “I’m straighter than that one”.

8. “You’re both acting very immature…”

Back to the Six Nations where we see France playing England in Paris. A kick through from England results in a foot race between England full back Mike Brown and French winger Yoann Huget. Huget wins the race and runs the ball in to touch. Mike Brown however wants to take a quick line-out… and immaturely Huget throws the ball away resulting in an altercation between the two. Owens calls the pair in, asks them if they’re finished, then, like a father to his son, says – “You’re both acting very immature”. He happily sends them both on their way.


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