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“Nobody’s perfect” – Stuart Hogg addresses online criticism from fans

#3. James Haskell

Haskell and Chloe ended their five-year marriage in September, just 13 months after welcoming their daughter Bodhi.

While they officially announced their separation last month, the couple initially intended to wait until the conclusion of their ITV reality show, “Chloe Madeley: A Family Affair.”

They wrote: “James was spotted chatting with a mystery blonde, who turned out to be PR director Martine Bridge. Viewers also spotted cracks in their relationship on the programme.”

“In one episode, Chloe fumed at James for posting pictures with “girls in thongs”.”

She said: “I was like, ‘I will kill you’. He posted videos of him with loads of girls in thongs having the best time ever because he thinks that it makes him look cool on social media.”