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Owen Farrell ban: England captain learns his fate

4. Record-breaker

He became the youngest ever player to appear in English professional rugby, making his debut aged 17 and 11 days. This record was later beaten by schoolmate Ford.

5. Family ties

It’s well known that Owen is the son of Ireland head coach Andy Farrell. However, it’s less commonly know that his uncle Sean O’Loughlin is also a rugby league legend, winning 34 caps for Great Britain between 1993 and 2009.

6. Tying the knot 

He married his longtime girlfriend Georgina “Georgie” Farrell (née Lyon) in July 2018. Their son was born in 2019. Most of their relationship, has been kept largely private.

7. Name change 

He was not at first registered as a Farrell, but took mum Colleen’s family name of O’Loughlin. The couple married in 1995, changing Owen’s surname to Farrell the following year.