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Richest Premiership owner is worth £1.5 billion, he’s still not won the league

#2. Hans-Peter Wild

  • Nationality: German
  • Net Worth: €3 Billion
  • Rugby CV: Wild Rugby Academy Founder, Stade Francais Owner

Hans-Peter Wild, a German billionaire, is the son of Rudolf, the founder of Wild company, one of Europe’s largest manufacturers of natural ingredients. In 1970, he co-founded the renowned Capri Sun drinks line, which has contributed significantly to his increasing wealth over the years.

A passionate supporter of what he playfully refers to as “the wildest gentlemen’s game,” Hans-Peter Wild has made substantial investments in German rugby at the grassroots level, achieving remarkable success. Their goal to establish internationally successful rugby “made in Germany” is well underway, with significant strides made towards reaching the top division of the European Nations Cup. Wild’s positive approach extends to his recent acquisition of a controlling stake in the troubled French club, Stade Francais.

With the injection of Wild’s financial resources and his determined mindset, there is hope that the Parisian team can reclaim their former glory and return to the pinnacle of rugby success.

#1. Jacky Lorenzetti

  • Nationality: Swiss
  • Net Worth: €4 billion
  • Rugby CV: Racing 92 Majority Owner

Unlike many others on this list, Jacky Lorenzetti did not grow up as a rugby enthusiast. Hailing from Switzerland and having graduated from a hotel school in Lausanne, he had limited exposure to the sport.

After establishing Foncia, which has held the title of Europe’s largest real estate company since 2006, Lorenzetti married his wife in France and developed a passion for rugby through her brothers. This newfound love for the game led him to acquire a controlling share of 62% in Racing Club 92, a second division French team at the time.

Under Lorenzetti’s guidance, Racing Club 92 has transformed into a force to be reckoned with. He has invested in cutting-edge training facilities, attracted top-tier players from around the world, and propelled Les Ciels et Blancs to the pinnacle of European rugby.

Although the proposed merger with Stade Francais, which ultimately fell through, would have likely brought even greater dominance, Lorenzetti’s financial support remains instrumental in Racing’s achievements, exemplifying the influence of deep pockets in the Top 14 league.