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Somebody Has Created A ‘Most Overrated XV In World Rugby’ And It’s Very Controversial

11. Duhan van der Merwe (doesn’t do anything like as much on the defence as he does on the offence and just feels a bit too readable at the moment. Genuinely feels like one of Edinburgh’s only weak points at the moment in the starting XV)

12. Henry Slade (speaks for itself doesn’t it? 😂)

13, Manu Tuliagi (I’m going to get thrown overboard for this one but stick with me here. Yes he’s big, yes he’s fast, but when it comes to set plays he doesn’t really contribute as most 12 and 13’s do. He’s not setting a defence but he’s a big hitter. He’s essentially the Parisse of centres where he does all the flashy stuff without contributing to the fundamentals.)

14. Kyle Steyn (ditto to Tuliagi)

15. Henry Arundell (much better in an 11 or 14 shirt, and his performance against Quins was poor overall. Doesn’t move the backline as much as he should and I think his kicking game needs development to help versatility.