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The 5 Best Fly-Halves Of All Time, Ranked

Here we pick our top five best fly-halves of all time. We’ve used a number of stats to quantify our rankings, as well as a player’s overall contribution to the game. So who makes it into our top five?

All stats come from and are correct as of the publish date.

5 Best Fly-Halves Of All Time

#5. Jonathan Davies (Wales)

Cross-code star Jiffy made up for his lack of height, standing 5ft 8in, with great pace, great acceleration and natural quality.

The fly-half would have made a lot more appearances for Wales if he had not switched to Rugby League between 1989 and 1995.

During his two periods in Union, he made a total 37 appearances for Wales and is considered one of Wales’s finest ever rugby talents.

Did you know? Davies has since become a television rugby football commentator and media personality, in both the Welsh and English languages.

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