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The 6 most bizarre rugby pitch invasions of all-time

1. Attack on the referee…

The event took place in Durban 2002 and starred one fresh-faced Richie McCaw, one unfortunate David McHugh and one crazed Springbok fan.

A lasting memory from this game was the attack on Irish referee David McHugh. Early in the second half, drunken South African spectator Pieter van Zyl was unhappy with McHugh’s decision making, and decided to take matters into his own hands.

The big beer-bellied South African, donning a Springbok jersey a couple of sizes too small, grabbed McHugh and wrestled him to the ground.

Richie McCaw, in just his ninth test match, was among the first to react. He grabbed van Zyl and along with a couple of Springboks dragged the offender from the scene.

The game was delayed for ten minutes while van Zyl was taken from the field with a bloody nose by security and police. McHugh was left with a dislocated shoulder and had to be taken from the field.

43-year-old van Zyl was subsequently banned by the South African Rugby Union from attending any matches under their control. He was fined 3000 rand and charged with assault to do grievous bodily harm and trespassing.