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“Won’t be the same” – Five major rugby stars won’t be playing in 2024 Six Nations

#4. Tom Curry (England)

Curry is set to sit out the entire Six Nations and is likely to be absent for the remainder of the season as Sale has disclosed the necessity for him to undergo surgery to address a hip injury.

The lingering issue has been a concern for Curry since his active participation in England’s recent World Cup, where they secured a third-place finish. A consultation with a specialist confirmed that a comprehensive joint clearance is the only viable solution.

Despite being an automatic choice for England when in optimal health, the 25-year-old flanker will have the operation scheduled for the upcoming week after next.

Sale director of rugby Alex Sanderson said: “Tom has been back down to London to have further extensive x-rays under movement with a different consultant and this is the best thing for him in the short term.”