#07 Amy Powell - Ruck

#07 Amy Powell

#inspire – celebrating female referee’s in rugby

Amy Powell took up the whistle three year’s ago and loves all things rugby thanks to her dad, Trevor.

Amy is a PE teacher who lives and breathes sport, coaching rugby as well as refereeing and playing the odd game.

In collaboration with our partners at ACME Whistles, we met up with Amy to chat about what she gets out of rugby, what motivates her and who has inspired her over the years.

Can you tell us a little about your relationship with rugby?

I have been involved with rugby for the last 8 years – both playing and more recently refereeing.

It is my life and I love it. I am a PE teacher so during the first two terms I coach rugby, but I also play rugby and referee. I have always been sporty and love the teamwork and support you get from rugby.

What was your first experience as a Match Official like?

It was at Brentwood school for a group of fixtures. I had a great team of two other referees with me and they not only gave me kit but also support.

Tell us about your most memorable officiating moment to date.

It would be all of the great comments from the front row, particularly when everyone is having a great laugh.

Who inspired you to take up the whistle?

Nigel Owens. He is, in my view, the best referee there has ever been and I wanted to have an opportunity to be just like him.

What motivates you to referee?

As a teacher I love learning and refereeing – you are always learning. I want to support the game and have something to do when I retire from playing.

In a few words, please tell us what it means to you to be a positive role model and INSPIRE other women and girls to get in to refereeing

The key words I use to describe what being a positive role model involves are supportive, visible and open minded.

If you’re feeling inspired to take up the whistle, find out more about becoming a Match Official here: keepyourbootson.co.uk/referee-toolkit/supporting-match-officials-female/