10 Most Re-Watched Iconic Rugby Moments Of All-Time - Ruck

10 Most Re-Watched Iconic Rugby Moments Of All-Time

Rugby Union, if we had to use just one word to describe it, is spectacular.

The rewind button is a valuable fixture in the on-demand era – so why suffer through the halftime chat when you can sit back and enjoy the best moments in rugby history?

Whether through their surreality or sheer, perfect quality, the following moments, above all, are enshrined as spectacular in the minds of every rugby fan…

10. Martin Johnson takes on the whole of Ireland

It was an unintended act of defiance but Martin Johnson’s decision not to obey the exhortations of a steward to move along the carpet so that Ireland could take their usual place set the tone for the day on which England finally did claim a Grand Slam.

9. Stunning haka vs Togan war dance 

Watching the Tongan Sipi Tau v the All Blacks Haka never gets old!