10 Reasons Premiership Rugby SHOULD have a 'magic weekend'

10 Reasons Premiership Rugby SHOULD have a ‘magic weekend’

The Magic Weekend will see six Super League matches played at St James’ Park over the weekend pitting some of rugby league’s best sides against each other in the North East.

Having experienced the festival atmosphere, it’s hard to see why the Premiership have not followed what seems to be a successful model. Surely it’s not because the rival code did it first.

If you’re not convinced, this is why they should definitely do it!

1. On the field

Some of the biggest names in rugby union could face off in six league matches across two days. Matches like Harlequins v Saracens and Bath v Exeter Chiefs would be a mouth watering prospect in front of a packed out Twickenham.

2. Off the field

Outside the stadium, a huge fan village will be created. full of games, competitions and activities as well as a selection of food and drink outlets to keep you going through the day. Also lots and lots of beer.

3. Brings ALL supporters together 

It’s a chance for all supporters to see their teams play at Twickenham. The argument that teams should earn a spot there doesn’t hold up to me, especially when Bath hosted a game at Twickenham this year. Let’s just get everyone down and have a festival to celebrate the great game.

4. Twickenham

It’s the cathedral of rugby and the atmosphere is guaranteed to be electric. Nothing else needs saying.

5. The perfect weekend away

London, rugby and beer? What else would you want!

6. Two solid days of rugby

Does this sound like heaven? Yes, yes it does.

 7. Big hits

Always enjoyable.

8. All profits could be for charity or grass roots rugby 

Any money made could be split and reinvested in grass roots rugby or could be given to a relevant charity such ass Oddballs. It could also be used to promote campaigns such as #LiftTheWeight.

9. General entertainment

The general atmosphere and live acts would be great for fans to enjoy.

10. The experience

Memories. Nothing better than that.


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