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10 Reasons Why Women Should Play Rugby

There are a multitude of benefits from team sports; confidence, friendship, leadership, respect – the list goes on. What makes rugby unique is that there is room for everyone.

Why Women Should Play Rugby:

1. The workout

It’s the best workout of your life: Forget Legs, Bums and Tums at your local fitness centre. Rugby will give you a high intensity, full body workout that will transform your body faster than any gym programme.

2. Improve self confidence 

You’ll be more confident: Playing rugby is one of the fastest ways to realise that, actually, you’re pretty damn resilient. This confidence will transcend the rugby pitch and spill over into your working and social lives too.

3. The Social Life

Playing a team sport such as rugby provides interaction and inclusion which in turn allows you to forge friendships that often carry on away from the field and to the bar! Solidarity and respect are both characteristics of rugby but also of successful friendships.