10 Types of Rugby Fans You Know

You know them, you have partied with them, and more than likely you fall into one of these ten categories of rugby fans.
What kind of rugby fan are you?

1. Costumed Characters
At all big events you’ll see a variety of characters from TV, video games and pop culture. While they’ll often have little link to the Six Nations tournament, these fans are just here to have a good time.


2. Passionate female fans
Girls can rugby just as much as boys. However, sometimes girls can be far more into rugby than you could ever imagine.


3. The LOUD! One
The one who is always shouting something usually nonsensical even when there is nothing happening on the pitch, often spurred on by a pint or two of the good stuff.


4. The Die-hard Fans
These fans do anything and everything for their love of the sport. Expect them to rant on social media after a loss, a disallowed try, or a yellow/red card.


5. The Wise Old Man
Sits there in near silence observing the game but when asked any rugby related questions displayers a near encyclopaedic like knowledge of any area of rugby your look to quiz him on.


6. The Alcohol Destroyer
Your not sure where he’s putting it but he’s downed 10 pints before halftime.


7. The Mr. Know-It-All Fans
They analyze and study the game intently and seem to savor every second. And instead of cheers, you’ll likely hear from them unsolicited game analysis and comments.


8. The Corporate
The ones who spend hundreds over pounds for a crap dinner at every game and masquerade round like they are rugby fans but in reality don’t have a bloody clue.


9. The Complainer
The one who turns up every single week yet finds themselves complaining about everything each time they come.


10. Full Kit W*nker
There’s something satisfying as a sports fan in having the most up-to-date kit released by your team.


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