10 Worst Pieces of 2018 Six Nations Merchandise in Stores Now!

10 Worst Pieces of 2018 Six Nations Merchandise

Going to a Six Nations for some is the be all and end all. Whether a supporter of England or Wales, a rugby fan has a number of different pieces of related clothing.

Take for example the humble shirt. For many, the shirt is much more than just a piece of material. It is a symbol not to mention an identity of a supporter.

However, thanks to the globalization of sport, fans can have the ability to choose from a wealth of novelty items.

These have burst onto the market in the last decade which has paid dividends for many. But what are some of worst pieces of Six Nations merchandise?

1. Welsh Gnome 

Garden gnomes seem to be all the rage. Wales have two available, both priced at £19.99

2. England Beef Biltong – Peri Peri

This might be tasty, but we’re baffled. Don’t worry, there are three different flavours. Get your orders in now, ha-ha.

3. England Golf Glove

The ball marker isn’t too bad, but the glove is too far…

4. Welsh Rugby Chocolate

When you can pick up chocolate for cheap these days, it’s hard to think why you’d pay £3.99 for Welsh Rugby chocolate.