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12 People You Will Meet At Every Rugby Halloween Social

12 people you will meet at every rugby halloween social

1. The freshers.

A photo posted by @jac0b_t on

You’ll notice them by the fear in their eyes.  

2. The social secretary.

For some reason, he always wears a dress.


3. The lad that will find any excuse (we mean any) to take his top off.

A photo posted by Jessica Meyrick (@jessmey89) on


4. The single guy that leaves his mark on all his victims.

A photo posted by Phil Mann (@el_retardo_616) on

He says he forgets. You know he does it on purpose.


5. The elders.

A photo posted by Credia | Aiderc (@aiderc) on

They are legends. Respect should be given by all.


6. The bromance.

They will also pee together.


7. The token effort.

A photo posted by @winuhfred on

Also, known to put in a half-arsed effort at training.


8. The sleaze.

A photo posted by Simon Lant (@slantd) on


9. The one that always takes it too far.

A photo posted by Ethan (@ethanhawksworth) on

Also. known to say terms such as, ‘go hard, or go home’.


10. The rugby girls.

Don’t challenge them to a bolt off. They can handle their drink better than you. You’ve been warned.


11. The WAG.

A photo posted by Olivia W-H (@ilovecupcakes86) on

Wannabe WAGs will also look like this.  

12. And, you.

A photo posted by Steve Leeds (@stevieleedsy) on

You dressed the part, can handle your drink and no one knows who you kissed. You are awesome.

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