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20 Reasons You NEED to go watch your local rugby team

Admit it. Weekend television at this time of year isn’t the best. What else is there to do? Pick a rugby game and go watch it!

Despite the Premiership continuing to get larger every year, local rugby shouldn’t be forgotten about!…And here’s why!

1. It won’t cost you much
Well, forget the rising costs you are used to, it’s all change – small change – at most local clubs.


Credit: Jersey Rugby

2. Your glass will be half full
Well, completely full actually.


3. It’s better than shopping
Saturdays are for watching rugby, not retail therapy. And that’s final. Got it?!


4. The grass isn’t always greener
There’s no point spending the afternoon doing the chores your other half demands, such as mowing the lawn – it will only grow back!

By going to your local club instead, you can support and appreciate the work of the groundstaff.

5. Stand up and be counted
Get this, you can actually just turn up on the day and stand and watch the match with your mates. No, really.

No bookings seats months in advance, no battling with automated ticket lines, no being told to sit down by stewards (unless you are in the seats, of course, you inconsiderate pest!).


6. Food for thought
You can smell the hot dogs, feel the warmth from the Bovril and taste the sweetness of the small supply of confectionery and cans of pop.


7. Local Talent
Local teams are sure to have the best players from your area, and there’s a real possibility they could get signed up by a Premiership club.

8. Help your club be successful
Supporting your local club will go a long way to helping them be successful.

Ticket sales can be put towards improving the facilities and making the whole match day experience even more enjoyable (more brands of beer).

9. Every ground is unique
Rugby clubs can be weird and wacky – and that starts with the grounds where the matches are played.

Butts Park Arena in Coventry is a great day out!


10. Volunteers deserve the recognition
There are hundreds and hundreds of clubs up and down the country and barely any of them have full-time staff. 

They mow the pitch, sweep the changing rooms, wash the kits, do the paperwork, serve behind the bar, make the pies and so much more.

These people are volunteers. What they do on a weekly basis is truly special.

11. The Rugby is surprisingly good
But players do make mistakes on the pitch which gives you increasing opportunities to see tries.

And let’s be honest, we all love watching a length of the field try, don’t we?

12. Fan and player connection
Players go to meet fans at team clubhouses and engage with the community much more.


13. Owners
Local clubs are usually owned by people from the community.

This means the clubs don’t have huge amounts of money also meaning the club rely on the community allowing clubs to give back to the fans.

14. Family Bonding 

15. Be encouraged to get involved
Watching a professional rugby game can be intimidating, but actually there is a level of play for everyone to get involved and play.

Go down and get involved at your local club whether that’s sponsoring a player, playing yourself or serving the half-time pints.


16. Ex-Pro Spotting
Local rugby is great for a bit of ex-pro spotting either in the crowd or on the pitch.52

17. The Scrum works better (Slightly)

18. Players respect the referee
The amount of abuse dished out to football referees goes too far. There can’t be a game without a referee and yet they are treated as the enemy.

Players routinely get in the faces of match officials and scream at them, which encourages supporters in the terracing and future generations to do exactly the same.

In rugby, players can often disagree with officials, but they do so with respect, even at the lowest level!

19. Meeting new people 
In rugby, once more, fans behave like adults and don’t cause hell just because a person close to them prefers the other side.

20. Physicality
Have you seen how hard rugby players hit when they’re tackling each other at full tilt? Its great to watch at any level!


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