2020 Six Nations drinking game - Ruck

2020 Six Nations drinking game

The 2020 Six Nations Drinking Game will get you drunk while you watch the best tournament in the world. Cheers!



Turn your TV on and put the game on. You can check Google for the Six Nations schedule with every game live on either BBC or ITC. Grab your alcohol. Share this game with players so they can get used to the rules.

Basic Rules:

  • Knock On = 1 drink
  • Deliberate Knock On = 2 drinks
  • Penalty = 1 drink
  • Try = 2 drinks
  • Conversion = 1 drink
  • Yellow Card = 3 drinks
  • Red card = down your drink
  • Penalty Try = down your drink

Other Rules:

  • No fans mentioned = 2 drinks
  • Rugby World Cup final record mentioned = 2 drinks
  • Brian Moore/Jonathan Davies get too excited about their own team = 2 drinks
  • Questioning the certainty of which French team with turn up = 2 drinks


  • Drop goal scored – Last person to shout, ‘Johnny Wilkinson!’  = down your drink
  • Sin bin! – Take a break and put your drinks to one side. You can drink again once the offending player returns to the pitch.

As always, please remember to drink responsibly! This alcohol drinking game is not meant to lead to you becoming sick due to over-consumption of alcohol. HAVE FUN!

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