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2024 Six Nations heaviest players: Top 6 ranked

Introducing the colossal titans of the rugby world, the six heaviest players from the renowned Six Nations teams.

RUCK’s 2024 Guinness Six Nations content powered by ISUZU.

These behemoths redefine the term “powerhouse” as they dominate the field with their massive frames and formidable strength. From bone-crushing tackles to earth-shattering scrums, these athletes showcase a combination of size and skill that leaves opponents in awe.

Join us as we delve into the formidable profiles of these rugby giants, exploring the sheer force they bring to the pitch and the impact they make in the fierce arena of Six Nations rugby.

Brace yourselves for a glimpse into the heavyweight realm of the sport, where these formidable players command attention and respect with every thunderous stride.

This list only includes players featuring in the opening round of the 2024 Six Nations.


6. Dan Cole (England) – 124kg

Renowned for his scrummaging prowess, Cole, at 6’3″, is an anchor for the English front row. His 124kg frame provides stability in the set-piece, and his experience ensures a formidable presence on the pitch, making him a crucial asset for England in the 2024 Six Nations.

5. Andrew Porter (Ireland) – 125kg

he 6’0″ Irish prop, Porter, weighs in at a sturdy 125kg. A dynamic force in the scrum, he combines agility with raw power, making significant contributions in both set-piece battles and open play. Porter’s robust style of play adds resilience to Ireland’s forward pack.