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“A clown” – Fans ask ‘big question’ of England boss Steve Borthwick after baffling decision

2. Ronan O’Gara – 6/1

The La Rochelle coach was seen as one of the front-runners to replace Eddie Jones when he was sacked in December.

O’Gara has previously said he would be interested in the job because of the calibre of players available, but when linked to the job he admitted it would be a ‘big leap’.

“There’s a lot to that, being the head man it’s very much your vision. Even two people who are very aligned sometimes don’t have the same vision.

“Then again, titles don’t really interest me too much and it’s just what role Scott would like to do, I would like to do and how you share responsibility.

“Even before that, it’s a big mental leap for me to decide upon.

“I wouldn’t have given that the time required, at the minute all I’ve said is that I wouldn’t rule it out, but if you were to commit to something like that I’d have to sit down with my family and work it out.”