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A Welsh mum shocked by what she described as “drunken, foul-mouthed” behaviour which left her feeling “embarrassed and ashamed” to be a rugby fan

  • Welsh mum Menna Watkins says the behaviour of some supporters in the Principality Stadium on Friday made her ‘ashamed’ to be a fan herself
  • She walked away from the experience less than impressed and won’t be returning
  • In an open letter, Menna described how she was mocked for confronting rowdy fans, and said she would never take her son to the stadium again
A mother, who looked to remember a memorable evening with her seven-year-old son as he enjoyed his first international rugby game says she was shocked by “drunken, foul-mouthed” behaviour which left her feeling “embarrassed and ashamed to be a Welsh rugby supporter”.

Menna wrote: “This was a special occasion as my son, a keen rugby player and supporter, had never been to the national stadium before and was keen to see his heroes play for his country.

“Before the match, we wandered around Cardiff to soak up the wonderful, friendly match day atmosphere, all of which added to my son’s experience.

“However, our whole evening changed when we arrived at our seats in the Principality Stadium.

“We were surrounded by drunken, foul-mouthed adults.

“Throughout the match, we had to listen to language that no adult should have to endure let alone a seven-year-old child.

“I have grown up in a rugby family and totally accept that swear words are used during rugby games but the people around us had absolutely no respect.

‘Mocked’ for asking swearing to stop

“They were at the game just to drink and their continual use of the ‘C word’ was horrifying.”

Menna said she asked the fans to mind their language and consider her son was sitting in front of them.

She added: “My pleas fell on deaf ears and I was mocked for asking.

“I felt intimidated and shocked by the behaviour and total lack of respect for myself, my son and other supporters in the surrounding area.

Menna’s observations follow controversial comments made by a senior police officer who slammed middle-aged men who go on all-day drinking sessions when Wales play rugby, thinking ‘they can behave any way they like’.

2 Responses

  1. Phill Dascombe

    Unfortunately, football mentality is creeping into rugby.
    If I was this mum, I would still take my son to the Principality as I feel sure she won’t encounter this again.
    If she does? She should report it to the stewards because they WILL eject them from the ground.We do not accept that behaviour.
    As a referee, I always make sure that the junior boys do not swear on my pitch and I remind older boys and seniors of their responsibility to parents/coaches/administrators of the game when on the park and surrounding areas.
    I don’t believe this behaviour will be tolerated by the majority of rugby fans and if spotted again, it will be dealt with.

  2. Joff Cheney

    Phill Dascombe, why are Rugby fans so obsessed with blaming all ills on football? I take my 11 year old son to club and country matches and he has never been subjected to behavior like this. In fact when going to Internationals he has been treated very warmly by home and away fans alike. The majority of football fans go to the stadium to support their team or country. Maybe rugby has an image problem now where middle and upper class individuals treat every game as a chance to go on an all day bender? I think your own house should be put in order before blaming football.