"Absolute sh**talker" - Owen Farrell gets himself in trouble again - Ruck

“Absolute sh**talker” – Owen Farrell gets himself in trouble again

London Irish’s number eight, So’otala Fa’aso’o, demonstrated the possibility of executing massive and lawful tackles by cutting Saracens’ Hugh Tizard in half.

However, Saracens captain, Owen Farrell, was not impressed with the hit and was penalized by referee Adam Leal for saying something unclear on the ref mic.

Progressive Rugby suggested that Farrell might have been protesting against the tackle, which was, in fact, within the rules.

Fans have picked an all-time ‘abolute b***ard’ XV of most disliked rugby union players

It’s pantomime season, and rugby has been just like an ongoing one at times.

There are plenty of heroes but everyone knows that for every hero there needs to be a villain and there are lots of rugby players ready to fill that role.

We all have players we love, or even players we can’t dislike.

Well, on the flip side there are players that just always get your blood boiling, whether rationally or irrationally. 

A user on reddit asked fans to vote for their all-time ‘abolute b***ard’ XV with the results being very interesting.

All-time ‘abolute b***ard’ XV

15 Israel Folau (Tonga)

14 Yoann Huget (France)

– Stamping on players heads

– Gouging another player


-Faking injuries

– Generally being an absolute shithousenull

13 Tana Umaga (New Zealand)

12 Brian Lima (Samoa)

11 Sevu Reece (New Zealand)