"Abysmal decision" - Rugby fans are divided on France stars 'horror' challenge - Ruck

“Abysmal decision” – Rugby fans are divided on France stars ‘horror’ challenge

Romain Taofifenua, the prominent French rugby player, collided directly with Santiago Arata, the former Uruguayan star, resulting in a contentious yellow card decision that has deeply divided rugby enthusiasts, with no consensus on its merit.

One fan wrote: “Yellow.. the guy tackled is like 5 foot – no intent,”

Another said: “Red all day,”

A third commented: Shoulder connects with the face, and no attempt to wrap the arm but of course it’s a yellow because it’s the home team”

Another tweeted:” Crazy that is not a red card. Players height did not change at all. Abysmal officiating”

“100% red… he’s clearly tucking his arm rather than wrapping…other way around and it’s a red for Uruguay,” said another.


“No clear evidence” – Nigel Owens weighs in on Tom Curry’s red card and Jesse Kriel tackle

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#1. Will Jordan yellow card

He said: “Right then, why do we start out in the opening game in Paris, France? New Zealand, we had Will Jordan receive a yellow card, or was it Cotton Juan? I think that’s right for a yellow card, isn’t it? Playing a man in the air.

“Now, some will be saying, “Wow, that’s a bit unlucky,” because his eyes are always on the ball. That is irrelevant. Once a player is in the air catching the ball, the onus is on the player on the ground to make sure that he does nothing to put that player in danger.

“Now, what he can do – he can’t jump and compete for the ball. And if he’s competing or is in a realistic position to compete for that ball and then there’s contact, then we don’t have foul play, and we have play on. But because he’s not in a realistic position here to contest the ball, it then becomes illegal contact in the air – dangerous play.

“And then, it becomes all to do with the way that the player landed. Now, don’t get mixed up – if the player doesn’t land on his head, it doesn’t mean it’s not a red card. If the referee or the bunker felt that he was still in a dangerous landing, then they could still warrant a red card. But in this instance here, they didn’t feel it was a red card threshold, and quite rightly so, they gave a yellow card.

“So just remember, eyes on the ball is no excuse if you’re making contact with the player in the air.”