Adam Jones includes England legend Jason Leonard in his all-time greatest front-row - Ruck

Adam Jones includes England legend Jason Leonard in his all-time greatest front-row

Which rugby players stand as the absolute best in the history of the sport? After careful consideration, Adam Jones made his definitive choices known during an episode of the #LooseHeadz podcast.

When tasked with assembling a dream team capable of taking on the universe, the seasoned 97-cap tighthead-prop revealed his selection of XV players, with the managerial reins entrusted to none other than Harry Redknapp.

Adam Jones all-time dream team.

Fullback: Lee Byrne (Wales)

A dynamic and dependable fullback, Lee Byrne’s rugby prowess shone brightly in the Welsh jersey. Known for his powerful runs, strategic positioning, and solid defensive skills, Byrne was a linchpin in the backline. His ability to read the game and join the attacking line made him a crucial asset in any match.

Winger: Tommy Bowe (Ireland)

Bowe, the Irish winger, was a prolific try-scorer and a constant threat to opposition defenses. Blessed with exceptional speed, agility, and finishing ability, Bowe’s presence on the wing added flair and excitement to every game. A versatile player, he could turn the tide of a match with his dazzling footwork and rugby intelligence.

Centre: Jonathan Davies (Wales)

His vision on the field, coupled with a powerful running game and precise passing, made him a nightmare for opposing defenses. Davies’ leadership and game management skills further solidified his place as one of the greatest centres in rugby history.

Centre: Alan Bateman (Wales)

Winger: Shane Williams (Wales)

Williams, a Welsh rugby icon, was a magician on the wing. Despite his modest stature, Williams possessed incredible speed, sidestepping abilities, and a natural flair for scoring tries. His electrifying runs and unmatched try-scoring record made him a fan favorite and a nightmare for opposition defenders.