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Anthems at the Rugby World Cup goes viral once again

#2. Jesse Kriel tackle

He said: “Scotland, specifically Jesse Kriell’s head contact in that game with the Scottish player.

“So, when the game is in progress, the team will be scrutinizing everything in the background. Just remember the Hawkeye system; it provides all the different angles and views to assess various game instances. The game can carry on while the referee and the TMO (Television Match Official) are actively looking at potential issues.

“The TMO, equipped with multiple camera angles and replays, will decide whether there’s a need to bring something to the referee’s attention and officially review it on the screen. Alternatively, if the TMO believes there’s no issue, they won’t alert the referee, and the game continues.

“It’s important to note that this process isn’t solely reliant on the referee’s judgment on the field. The TMO’s role is to ensure alignment between on-field events and the video footage available.

“In this specific case, the TMO reviewed Jesse Creel’s incident and found no clear evidence of head-on-head contact. The decision ultimately hinges on your view. If you perceive head contact, it would trigger the head contact protocol and guidelines, potentially leading to a red card. However, if you can’t definitively discern head contact and there’s no concrete evidence of it, then there’s no foul play, and the game proceeds accordingly.

“In the TMO’s assessment, there isn’t clear evidence of head-on-head contact in this instance.”