"Atrocious refereeing" - Premiership match halted due to incident too graphic to show - Ruck

“Atrocious refereeing” – Premiership match halted due to incident too graphic to show

A Gallagher Premiership match was halted for 10 minutes after a major

Early fears suggested Stooke had fractured or dislocated his ankle, Coventry Live report.

Stooke said in a statement: “Massive thanks to all the Medical team last night @WaspsRugby and ambulance staff as well as hospital, you were incredible.

“Back home and feeling positive about recovery process, i’ll be back in no time.

“Appreciate the love shown from everyone who’s messaged, means a lot.”

Commentator Nick Mullins said during the coverage: “We’ve looked at the replay and we have decided we are not going to show it. It’s a leg injury and it is a horrible one and we will save you the discomfort of seeing it at home.”

Referee Iain Tempest was slammed for his handling of the awful incident.

WARNING: Gruesome injury



Here are some of the worst rugby injuries:

#1. Brian O’Driscoll

This was the shocking souvenir Brian O’Driscoll was left with when he collided head-on with Scott Williams during the 2014 Ireland v Wales Six Nations’ match in Dublin.

Wasps were ultimately undone by knock-ons and errors as their hopes of silverware ended in frustration.


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