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Autobiography Wars | Joe Marler hides Haskell’s book in Waterstones

5. Lions teammate

Everyone remembers the wonderful clips of the two sharing a room during the 2017 Lions tour, however, the flanker reveals what you didn’t see in his new book.

Although not named, fans on social media believe the identify of this mystery teammate to be the Ireland flanker.

James Haskell and his unnamed teammate.

“I did have the misfortune of rooming from time to time with someone who ran that boxer close (taking girls back),” wrote Haskell.

“He’d say to me: ‘Hask, I need to borrow the room.’

‘What do you mean?’

‘I mean I need a bit of privacy for a few hours.’

What a player, literally. If only he could be as productive on the pitch these days.

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