"Baffling" - Three players Steve Borthwick should DROP – and who should be called-up - Ruck

“Baffling” – Three players Steve Borthwick should DROP – and who should be called-up

It is with great disbelief that we observe the selection choices made by England boss Steve Borthwick for the upcoming Rugby World Cup training squad.

It appears that a series of egregious mistakes have been made, resulting in the exclusion of several key players who should undoubtedly be part of the team.

The time for corrective action is now, and the hopes of a nation hang in the balance.

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#1. Zach Mercer for Alex Dombrandt

The decision to ax Mercer is beyond comprehension. I mean, seriously, this guy was crowned the Top 14 player of the year in 2021/22, leading Montpellier to a title victory. Not to mention, he left defenders biting the dust more than any other player in the entire league this season! And what does he get in return? The boot!

You can’t help but question Mercer’s sanity. He actually had the audacity to agree to return to the Premiership, likely taking a massive hit to his paycheck, all for the sake of representing his country again. And what does he get? A one-way ticket to the discard pile without even a sniff of an international opportunity.

Let’s not forget, the number eight position has been a headache for England as well. Sure, there’s a glimmer of hope if Billy Vunipola gets his act together and proves his fitness. But let’s be real, the current guy in the shirt, Alex Dombrandt, struggled in the Six Nations. And yet, it seems like he’s been given every chance in the world to prove himself.