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Ball boy who hit Nigel Owens in the head just got something very special through the post

In a memorable twist during the Scarlets’ 45-9 Guinness Pro12 defeat at Leinster in March 2017, Nigel Owens, esteemed rugby referee, demonstrated that yellow cards aren’t solely confined to the players on the field.

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Owens, widely regarded as one of the sport’s greatest ever referees, unexpectedly brandished the iconic yellow card after being struck on the head by a rugby ball hurled by a Leinster ball boy.

Despite the surprising turn of events, any potential animosity was swiftly replaced by camaraderie as Owens graciously introduced the ball boy, named Joe, to his legion of Twitter followers on Thursday night.

This gesture not only highlighted Owens’ affable nature but also showcased the amicable relationship between the two.

A month following the comedic incident, Joe was pleasantly surprised to receive a special package in the mail – a Scarlets jersey bearing Owens’ personal touch. The jersey, adorned with a heartfelt message from the referee himself, read: “To Joe, Great Pass. Best wishes – Nigel Owens.”

Taking to social media once again, Owens shared the joyous moment, announcing, “The postman took his time but as promised the jersey has arrived with the Ball Boy Joe safe and sound.”

This heartwarming exchange between referee and ball boy serves as a testament to the enduring spirit of sportsmanship and camaraderie within the rugby community, both on and off the pitch.

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