Ben Morgan reveals he's started a business for after his rugby career - Ruck

Ben Morgan reveals he’s started a business for after his rugby career

Ben Morgan has launched a successful scaffolding business knowing from personal experience that his rugby career could end at any time.

“When you’re in that rugby bubble you feel invincible and that you’ll always be involved, but then you have a realisation when something bad happens,” Morgan said.

“When I broke my leg in 2015, I was like ‘this could all just go’. I have got my family to support and my son was born in 2015. I thought I have got to look after my family.

“I started to invest in certain things – I have got some property, set up a scaffolding company and I also have got property development interests.”

“The big thing for me is that I am a completely different person now to then. I have got a family, I have got two children. I have started a business,” Morgan added.

“When I was playing before, I was playing for my own aspirations and individual goals whereas now my goals and reason and drive is playing for my family and my kids.

“Having a deeper meaning is definitely a game changer. I am a lot more relaxed. You can at times put a lot of pressure on yourself and previously it was a pressure to be involved.

“Don’t get me wrong I have always got that desire to be here but I’ve made that peace that if I wasn’t then I was very proud of what I had achieved.”