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LIST: 5 best rugby games of all-time

In recent years, the calls for rugby to have a decent video game as a means of growing the sport have got louder.

Rugby 22, the first rugby sim to be released since 2020’s Rugby Challenge 4, brings to the table improved AI, a new control system and deeper tactics – including pod systems and more set-plays.

The game is developed by Eko Software, published by NACON and is released on 27th January on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S.

It’s now available here!

Below, we look at the five best rugby games ever…in our humble opinion.

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#5. International Rugby Challenge (Mega Drive)

Not necessarily the best, not even necessarily good, but it was the first and was a lot of fun to play, especially with friends. Those classic SEGA sounds also make it amazing to play.

But those flaws add to the games character in our opinion.

#4. Rugby World Cup 2011

Developed by HB Studios and Published by 505 Games in 2011, Rugby World Cup 2011 came as a massive relief for many rugby fans who have been waiting for a video game worth their free time. The game was released on two platforms PS3 and Xbox 360.

During the development of this game, the developers had a heavy consultation with the forum consisting of rugby fans and video game players to ensure they gave the fans exactly what they wanted. That’s probably the reason why it turned out to be one of the best rugby video games.

#3. Rugby 22

Does Rugby 22 kick the ball through those goal posts? Not quite, but almost.

If they can get all of the licences for their planned Rugby World 2023 game, we might have a serious successor to the much loved Rugby 08, which was the lat game of the EA series, on our hands.

For now, Rugby 22 is as close to the sport as you can get without getting covered in mud, but it would be very difficult for a casual fan to pick up and play due to very complicated controls.

#2. Rugby 08

This game was a good evolution from the great game, which was 06.

The graphics in Rugby 08, the last of the EA rugby games, are probably the most smoothest and detailed of all-time despite being limited to the PS2’s abilities.

The rugby gameplay is very fun especially the set plays such as a crosskick, a dummy switch to break the defensive line, or a “pocket” for a drop goal with Wilkinson.

Many players look like they do in real life and the commentary is also good. The new kits for the national teams look stylish and modern adding a realistic feel to the game.

It felt like EA were on the verge of creating the perfect rugby game so it’s disappointing this was the last game in their series.

#1. Jonah Lomu Rugby

This is an excellent game and in my opinion, probably still the best rugby game out there. Sure the graphics ain’t good but it is from 1997. It is very playable and has a good selection of teams the best of which are naturally New Zealand.

Don’t get me wrong, the game has its flaws but the enjoyment more than makes up for it. Jonah Lomu rugby also perfected the art of rucking for a game something other games have been hopeless at!

It’s a genuinely hard game to get used to and some teams are very difficult to beat when you use poor teams, however, once you pick it up it’s just great. Multiplayer is also especially fun!

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