Bill McLaren ranked his FIVE best players of all-time

Legendary commentator Bill McLaren took on the daunting task of ranking the five
best players he saw during his career.

The Scot, who retired in 2002 and sadly passed away in 2010 aged 86, was well known and loved for his iconic quotes.

McLaren, who named a World XV and all-time Lions XV towards the end of his career, saved special praise for these five special players in 2003.

5. Gerald Davies (Wales)

Wales and British Lions speedster whose pace was only matched by a devastating side-step.

“You need a double-barrelled shotgun to stop him,” smiled McLaren. “He is an amazing little fellow. I have never seen a player with quite the same dancing feet and change of pace, better even than Gerald Davies.

“I always said Gerald would be the player I’d least like to mark.”


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