Boris Johnson rugby tackles a small Japanese child - Ruck

Boris Johnson rugby tackles a small Japanese child

Boris Johnson rugby tackling a 10-year-old Japanese boy is without a doubt the best thing you’ll see today.

The exuberant mayor of London is currently on an official trip to Japan at the moment and got involved in a game of street rugby in Tokyo yesterday.

Unfortunately the blonde bombshell got a bit too excited, and managed to plough through 10-year-old schoolboy Toki Sekiguchi, sending him flying!

The youngster was more relaxed than most adults when asked about the encounter, saying he “felt a little bit of pain”, before getting back up to keep playing.

After the ordeal, Boris gave him a Rugby World Cup 2015 ball to say sorry, and overall Toki said that meeting the mayor had been “enjoyable”.
Classic Boris.

We’ll never forget the time he tried a rugby tackle in a charity football match…

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