BREAKING: World Rugby appeal Owen Farrell disciplinary decision - Ruck

BREAKING: World Rugby appeal Owen Farrell disciplinary decision

There is an icnreasing possibility that the England captain, Owen Farrell, might yet face a suspension due to his tackle on Wales flanker Taine Basham during the Rugby World Cup warm-up match held at Twickenham.

The ‘Bunker’ review system resulted in an elevation of Farrell’s yellow card to a red card following a high tackle on Taine Basham.

Nonetheless, during the assessment by a disciplinary panel, they noted a shift in the dynamics of the contact zone as a mitigating factor.

The panel explained that the participation of England’s Jamie George in the tackle influenced Basham’s change in trajectory.

Emerging reports suggest that the fly-half could potentially undergo another disciplinary review prior to the upcoming match against Ireland at the Aviva Stadium in Dublin this weekend.

As originally reported by RUCK this morning, a meeting between the bosses at World Rugby could see the decision overturned via appeal.

Respected rugby writer Murray Kinsella developed the news on Wednesday afternoon on X (formerly Twitter).

“Hearing that World Rugby will appeal the Owen Farrell decision. No word on when the new hearing might take place, but presumably has to be before this weekend,” Kinsella’s post read.

Owen Farrell has been named the ‘biggest cheat’ in rugby today

Fans have been ranking who they consider the dirtiest players in the game today. In some cases it seems unpopularity saw them picked while other stars have been named and shamed for their thuggish actions on the field.

#5. Dan Biggar (Wales)

Biggar is the epitome of players you hate until they are on your team.The way the fly-half continues to moan to referees vociferously has seemingly only got worse throughout his career.

It got so bad that popular online personality and diehard Scotland fan Glove39 made a video called ‘birdman’ mocking the way in which he always raises his arms in frustration to officials.