BRILLIANT: Will Carling's funny story on Twitter goes viral - Ruck

BRILLIANT: Will Carling’s funny story on Twitter goes viral

Former England captain Will Carling shared this funny story on Twitter and it’s since gone viral…

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RANKED | The 5 TOUGHEST England players to have ever lived…

Meet the five toughest English rugby players that ever lived.

From the loose cannons who start swinging punches at the slightest provocation to the silent assassins who relish putting in game-changing hits, every rugby team has its on-field enforcers.

5. Jonny Wilkinson

A fly-half? Yes, but this is no ordinary number 10. Pound for pound, Wilko is still the most destructive tackler the game has ever seen and few players have endured so much physical punishment yet kept coming back for more. Tough doesn’t even come close.