“Brutal ranking” – Fans rank the five most ‘hated’ rugby union players in the world - Ruck

“Brutal ranking” – Fans rank the five most ‘hated’ rugby union players in the world

We all have a love-hate relationship. Within the realm of rugby union, for every positive force that exists, there is an equal and opposite negative force, ensuring a delicate balance. It’s a juxtaposition of yin and yang, where heroes are accompanied by villains.

While it’s exhilarating to witness the triumph of the sport’s revered figures, there’s an equal measure of satisfaction derived from watching a star plummet from the celestial heights to the depths below.

We have curated a compilation of individuals who, through their actions on and off the field, have acquired a regrettable reputation within the game. Their notoriety extends beyond specific fan bases or clubs; it encompasses the entire rugby community.

#5. Dan Biggar (Wales)

Amusingly, Biggar epitomizes the kind of player who manages to invoke strong dislike until he becomes a part of your own team.

Over the course of his career, this fly-half has exhibited a growing penchant for passionately berating referees.

This behavior has reached such heights that Glove39, a renowned online personality and unwavering fan of Scotland, cleverly crafted a video titled ‘birdman.’

In this video, Glove39 humorously mimicked Biggar’s habitual arm-raising expression of frustration directed at officials.