Bryan Habana's embarrassing dive against Owen Farrell is still hilarious - Ruck

Bryan Habana’s embarrassing dive against Owen Farrell is still hilarious

Rugby Union’s five worst divers have been ranked, crowning the sports most devious simulator in No 1 spot.

As per Scrum Recap, these are the games slyest of hounds.

5. Stuart Hogg

What they said: “He often overdoes the theatricality to the extent that not even the officials will give him a second look. Look back to the South Africa vs Scotland game a couple years back when he flung himself into the ‘Beast’ just to be laughed off by players and fans around him.”

Our verdict: Nobody will forget that infamous telling off he got from Nigel Owens against South Africa during the 2015 Rugby World Cup. As the old saying goes, mud sticks.

One fan commented: “Tom Daley’s spot in the British Diving team is under threat by Hogg. Excellent call from Owens,”

“They should fine people who dive,” added a second.

A third fan said: “The match was played at St James’s Park in Newcastle which is usually a premiership soccer ground. Hence Nigel’s witticism.”

The winger apologised for the incident after the game.