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“Can’t stand him” – Joe Marler reveals the one rugby player he’d like to have a fight with

Boxing promoter Eddie Hearn made a guest appearance on Joe Marler’s podcast, where he posed a question to the England rugby prop: if he could pick any rugby player, past or present, to have a brawl with, who would it be?

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Marler, no stranger to on-field altercations throughout his decade-long career, chose a former teammate with whom he’s already exchanged blows.

With no hesitation, he nominated James Haskell as his ideal adversary, though he swiftly retreated from several proposed combat formats.

He said” I\can’t stand Hask,”

Rather than opting for the conventional MMA or boxing route, Marler humorously insisted that his only shot at victory would be in a classic barroom brawl.

Five rugby players Joe Marler really doesn’t like

England’s prop, Joe Marler, is always unafraid to express his opinions, especially when it involves someone he isn’t particularly fond of.

#1. Manu Tuilagi

During the Fiji quarter-final match, a particular moment left some viewers puzzled while watching the broadcast. It involved an interaction between Manu Tuilagi and Joe Marler.

Upon initial observation, it appeared as if Tuilagi and Marler were engaging in a confrontational exchange. Tuilagi seemingly pushed Marler with his chest, right in the presence of referee Mathieu Reynal. In response, Marler decisively pushed Tuilagi, removing him from the camera frame entirely.

In the subsequent semi-final, the two players had another heated encounter. This time, Marler confronted Manu Tuilagi, expressing his displeasure after Tuilagi’s excessive celebration led to the reversal of a penalty awarded to England.

One fan wrote: “Some tension it seems, between joe marler and manu tuilagi the past few weeks, first joe shoved manu last week, now he’s having to tell manu to pack it in… interesting.”

Another said: “Marler is going to deck Tuilagi in a minute, and it will be well deserved- losing his head less than 20 minutes in is poor.”

A third said: “Beef between Marler and Tuilagi?”