Celebrities you didn't know played rugby.... - Ruck

Celebrities you didn’t know played rugby….

It takes grit, tenacity, and strength to hold on to that odd-shaped rugby ball and drive past several tough opponents to get that try. As it turns out, some very famous and polished men have actually taken to the rugby pitch in their lifetime to do just that.

1. US President George W Bush

Believe it or not, the once most powerful man in the world played full-back at Phillips Academy, an independent boarding school, and Yale University. And yes, that is him in the photograph grappling with an opponent.

2. Daniel Craig

Obviously the best training for playing James Freaking Bond would be rugby, and so it was for Hoylake RFC’s most famous Old Boy. It also goes a long way towards explaining why Craig’s face looks like it’s absorbed a punch or two in its time.