Championship club deducted points and fined for breach of RFU Regulation 8

At an online hearing convened on Tuesday, 31stMarch 2020, Doncaster RFC received a 5-point deduction from those gained in the 2019/20 shortened league season.

They also recieved a fine of £1,500 suspended for 2 years for breaching RFU Regulation 8.4.2 regarding the recruitment of a player via an unregistered Agent.

In a statement, the Knights said: “Due to a change in management personnel plus associated administrative oversight, a player was recruited in the autumn of 2019, to cover significant squad injuries, with no consultation of the RFU Registered Agents list at the time.

“The agent in question was erroneously believed to be on the approved list but was not.

“The DRFC Board had no knowledge of the lapse when it occurred but readily accepted the club’s culpability when the facts came to light and gave sincere apologies for the error and assurances that management systems are now in force to avoid a recurrence of the breach of the regulation.”


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