Chris Ashton's try against Australia is still unreal, he sat down the whole defence - Ruck

Chris Ashton’s try against Australia is still unreal, he sat down the whole defence

Chris’ Ashton-ishing 94-metre wonder-try against Australia at Twickenham in 2010.

One fan wrote: “There really is nothing quite like the roar of Twickenham. Hopefully we hear it plenty over the course of this year’s autumn internationals. Big series boy’s, lets do this!!”

“The turn over was beautiful, Young’s dummy was superb, Lawe’s offload and tying up two Australian players giving Ashton room was exquisite and Ashton’s well-timed sprint was magnificent. Four world-class moments in a row to set up a truly epic try.” said a second.

A third commented: “I don’t even know how many times I must have watched this video, but still get goosebumps each time! and love the commentary too, so good!”

The Try:

Most Overrated XV In Rugby History Picked By Fans In Controversial Rankings

You can guarantee that whenever the biggest teams in the world lock horns that thousands, if not millions, of football fans will make their feelings known across social media.

Now, yes, there is a minority of supporters that ruins that platform of free speech by stooping to vile and short-sighted abuse, but there is absolutely nothing wrong with healthy and respectful debate.

It’s a powerful thing, trust us, because if enough rugby fans are pedalling the same opinion on platforms like Twitter, then it can change the way that other people view certain players.

And as a result, we have the controversial world of ‘underrated’ and ‘overrated’ labels to discuss with some players not getting the credit they deserve and others being unjustly avalanched in it.

Now, as you’ll be well aware by the headline, we’re burrowing down that rabbit hole to try and construct the starting XV of the most overrated players, according to fans.


  • 15. Johan Goosen (South Africa) – “He was supposed to be the next big thing for Springbok rugby, and now he’s barely remembered.”
  • 14. George North (Wales) – “is the most overrated player of this generation, when was the last time he had a good game that wasn’t against Italy.”
  • 11. Chris Ashton (England) – ” That man lived off his ‘solo’ try against Australia and managed to get in the England team every time. He couldn’t tackle a crossword! Lacks creativity and only works running a line of a short pass from number ten. Overrated definitely!”


  • 13. Manu Tuilagi (England) – “Beside the word “overvalued” in the dictionary, there should probably be a picture of Mr.Manu Tuilagi.””
  • 12. Gavin Henson (Wales) – “one kick and one big tackle and everyone thought he was the bees knees for the next few years. To be honest, he was as useful as a fish with wing.”