Clip of New Zealand and Scotland 'playing in a lake' has gone viral - Ruck

Clip of New Zealand and Scotland ‘playing in a lake’ has gone viral

Eden Park in 1975 is rained out but this rugby match between New Zealand and Scotland is still played.

The All Blacks, who were actually wearing white, won the game 24-0 thanks to four converted tries.

Commenting on the clip, one fan wrote: “Those were the days.”

A second commented: “I was at the match. Got into Auckland early Saturday morning and it was torrential rain that never let up all day. Even the tunnels to the seats in front of the old Number One stand were flooded. An unforgettable match!”

“A third wrote: “This was the first rugby match I remember watching. This the first time I’ve seen it in colour though.”

Nigel Owens names the FIVE worst players to referee, including Ronan O’Gara

After retiring from international rugby, Owens has revealed three of the worst rugby players he ever had to officiate during his career. 

1. Austin Healey

Owens said: “Definitely Healey. I only caught him towards the end of his career, thankfully.

“A wonderfully talented player and a very good pundit now, but he always had plenty say and quickly assumed I didn’t like him.

“He’s actually blocked me on Twitter, but I don’t think I’m the only one.”