“Couldn’t walk for two weeks” – Brian O’Driscoll reveals player who 'absolutely killed' him - Ruck

“Couldn’t walk for two weeks” – Brian O’Driscoll reveals player who ‘absolutely killed’ him

Brian O’Driscoll revealed that former England flanker and Rugby World Cup winner, Richard Hill, was the ‘hardest’ player that he had ever played against.

BOD played both with and against the flanker in the early stages of the Irishman’s career.

They played with each other during the 2001 Lions Tour of Australia, which as we all know, was where O’Driscoll announced himself on the world stage.

“Richard Hill, England No.6 that won the World Cup in 2003.

“He was a brilliant teammate but he made that team tick, he was the unsung hero in that world cup win.

“He was hard! I always liked playing with guys that were nails in the team, that really stood up and never took a backwards step.”

But when questioned on what was the toughest tackle he ever had the pleasure of being on the receiving end of.

“Jonny Wilkinson…I couldn’t walk for two weeks!”


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O’DRISCOLL SAID: “To get to see in close quarters what he was capable of. You see so much on a Saturday, but when you’re training and playing and watching players of that calibre leading up to a Saturday. You see some exceptional stuff that cameras don’t always catch.

“Jason, I knew so little of him in 2001 other than his rugby league talent. But to have a full appreciation of what his footwork was like, you need to defend against it, and it was horrible at times in training.

“I would’ve analysed him a lot as I played against him, he was equally comfortable on either foot, it made no difference to him. There was no preference on ball carry, you just could not work him out. He honed the ability to be unpredictable as well.

“He might’ve been a small guy, but he packed a serious punch too.”