Craig Gilroy apologises for WhatsApp message sent to Stuart Olding

Ireland and Ulster rugby star Craig Gilroy has apologised unreservedly for sending a sexually explicit message to a teammate following an incident that would later see the fellow player charged with rape.

Craig Gilroy said he was deeply sorry, insisting the WhatsApp message did not reflect what he stood for or the values of Ulster Rugby.

The apology came hours after Ulster Rugby and the Irish Rugby Football Union (IRFU) announced that Gilroy would be subject to an internal review into the fallout of the rape trial

The Whatsapp sent to Olding asked “Any sluts get f*****?”, to which Olding replied “Precious secrets.”

The sender of the message was referred to only as “CG” during court proceedings.

Gilroy posted the apology on his Twitter account on Tuesday night:

“I would just like to clarify it was sent privately, not part of any group chat.

“Regardless, my comment was totally inappropriate and is not an accurate reflection of my beliefs nor Ulster Rugby’s values.

“I take full responsibly for my actions and in future will ensure that language I use in private or public better reflects who I am and what I stand for. I am deeply sorry for the hurt my comment has caused. Craig.”

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