Dan Carter and his talented wife won a combined 180 caps for New Zealand - Ruck

Dan Carter and his talented wife won a combined 180 caps for New Zealand

Dan Carter will forever be remembered as one of the most complete rugby players to have ever graced the field. For many, he is considered the best in the world.

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The All Blacks legend’s career spanned 18 years, during which he played 112 Test matches for New Zealand and won two Rugby World Cups. He became the top international points scorer in Test rugby with 1,598 points and the most-capped All Blacks fly-half of all time. Carter retired from international rugby following New Zealand’s 2015 World Cup victory.

In 2011, Carter married Honor Carter (née Dillon), a former New Zealand hockey player who competed in 68 Tests between 2004 and 2011.

The couple has four sons: Marco, Fox, Rocco, and Cruz.

Carter has described his wife, a former Black Stick athlete, as a “superwoman, Mum and wife.” He expressed his deep appreciation for his family, saying: “My family is everything to me… my happiness and my greatest success.”

Having a partner who understood the demands of elite sports was clearly beneficial to their relationship. Carter explained, “The fact that she played hockey for New Zealand and was often travelling, she knew the demands that it took of being an international sportsperson: the sacrifice, the dedication that you have to make to play at the highest level.”

He continued, “She took a lot of weight off my shoulders because she knew, especially when we started having children and she actually had to give up work and sport to raise a family, whereas I was still playing, was still an All Black, still playing professionally.”

Carter acknowledged the sacrifices Honor made for their family: “She knew there were certain things I needed to be the best rugby player that I could. Things like, I’ve never actually woken up in the middle of the night to look after our children – she understood the importance of sleep and rest and recovery in order to be able to go to work each day.”

Discussing Honor’s decision to end her playing career to raise their family, he shared, “She sacrificed a lot but she knew what it took to play sport at the highest level and I’m really grateful that she was so understanding and had that knowledge and was really supportive of me continuing to chase my dreams when effectively she stopped hers to raise a family.”

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