Danny Cipriani called 'pathetic' and 'disgusting' by radio presenter - Ruck

Danny Cipriani called ‘pathetic’ and ‘disgusting’ by radio presenter

Gloucester fly-half Danny Cipriani has been accused of using his ex-girlfriend Caroline Flack’s death to push his own agenda.

A lawyer for her family said on Saturday night that she had taken her own life.

Cipriani and Flack dated for a couple of months in 2019, with reports at the time claiming she was “besotted” by the sportsman.

However, in May they split after deciding to remain friends before her busy summer of hosting Love Island got underway.

Following the ex-Love Island hosts’  tragic death yesterday, Cipriani took to Twitter to pay tribute.

However, radio presenter and journalist Mike Parry, who left TalkSport after 20-years back in August 2019, went in on Cipriani and didn’t hold back.

“You are truly pathetic Cipriani,” wrote Parry.

“Caroline Flack, a huge star, has died and a failed rugby playing little bum like you has decided to use her horrific death as a platform for your anti-media campaign.

“You didn’t get good stuff written about you because you weren’t very good.”

He was then urged to delete the comment by former co-worker Laura Woods, but quickly responded with the reasons he wouldn’t be doing so.

He responded: “No way will I be withdrawing my tweet about Cipriani.

“I think it’s disgusting of him to use foul language and further to use the horrific and tragic death of Caroline Flack to enforce or “prove” one of his own personal beliefs about the media – with whom he’s had many dealings.”

RUCK.co.uk would like to send our prayers to all of Flack’s family and friends at this very difficult time.

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