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Danny Cipriani pleads guilty in court

England and Gloucester fly-half Danny Cipriani has pleaded guilty to two charges, common assault and resisting arrest.

He has been fined £2000 and also £250 in compensation to the female police officer whose neck he bruised.

Hours before his arrest.

The incident reportedly saw Cipriani wrestled to the ground by three officers at 1am on Wednesday morning after attempting to leave the Royal Yacht Hotel in Saint Helier, Jersey whilst carrying two bottles of vodka.

It is claimed that Cipriani, whilst being carried away, told officers, “These wrists are gold, loosen the cuffs.”


“They [the police] had to wrestle him to the ground before putting him in a van,” a source claimed to the Mirror. “You can easily reach over the bar and pick the bottles up.

“He did and then tried to walk out without paying. He was hammered and had been drinking for hours. He should know better, there’s just no excuse.

“It was disgusting behaviour. Security grabbed him and then police were called but it took three of them to drag him down. He tried to barge through them.”

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