"Days after she give birth" - Stuart Hogg's wife is left "heartbroken" as the rugby star openly displays a new romance - Ruck

“Days after she give birth” – Stuart Hogg’s wife is left “heartbroken” as the rugby star openly displays a new romance

Scots rugby player Stuart Hogg’s wife is devastated after he publicly flaunted his new romance just days following the birth of their newborn daughter.

The 31-year-old, and former jockey Leonna Mayor, 32, who now works as a prominent horse-racing presenter, have been enjoying romantic dates, with their relationship becoming public through a posted snapshot on social media.

The timing of this revelation has shocked friends, who express concern that Stuart’s wife Gillian, 36, is heartbroken by the rapidity with which he has moved on, considering their fourth child, Phoebe Anne, was born on November 7.

Leonna shared the image on Monday with her 31k Instagram followers, capturing the pair at Moddershall Oak Country Spa Retreat in Stoke-on-Trent.

In the photo, she dons a plunging swimsuit and captions it with “The least Mondayest Monday ever,” accompanied by a ‘loved up’ emoji and lyrics from Jack Johnson’s song ‘Better Together.’

One friend told the Daily Record: “How much does one woman have to take?

“She just gave birth last week. The last thing any new mother would want is to see the father of her children flaunting his new relationship on social media for the world to see?”

Another friend revealed: “She is heartbroken at a vulnerable time, with a new baby and three other kids.

“She supported him through his career, moving away from those she loved and knew. But as soon as they moved back to their hometown, everything came to a head.

“His refusal to leave the family home has meant a huge upheaval for her and the kids but she just couldn’t stay there any longer.”

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